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Casting Agreement & Photo Competition Entering

By accepting this agreement you hereby accept the following terms and conditions as set out below:

Agree to pay the once-off registration and admin fee of R150-00 upon registration unless other specified or agreed upon arrangements with Model SA International.

Acknowledge that I will be entering either of Model SA International Competitions. I further to this agree that the once-off payment of R150 is only applicable for 2015 competitions and only if entered by making use of the on-line registration process. Should I follow the alternative process of paying in cash or via eft - i will be liable for a R250 entry fee and not R150.I also agree that images loaded will be as per the requirements and any images loaded other that those will be automatically deleted by the system and not reflect in the database. I will follow the entire process and will not give my login name or password to any person other than myself.

Acknowledge that you are aware that Model SA International takes a 20% commission on my earnings generated through the business. Tax and outside agencies fees may apply, but will be disclosed to me upfront when applicable. You understand that earnings are not to be discussed on set – either with other artists or with production crew.

Should you commit to being at a casting or TV/Photo shoot, you will be there. If any problems arise on set, at a shoot or at a casting, you will notify a representative of Model SA International immediately. You understand that you will be held accountable for all costs incurred if you don't follow the above procedure or leave the set before you have been wrapped and or dismissed.

Will arrive on time at any casting or shoot that you have committed to attend with the appropriate clothing. You understand that any clothing and/or accessories used in shoots are for your responsibility, and should something happen to them – you will be held liable.

Should any of your details (contact, measurements, hair colour/length, etc.) change, you will notify Model SA International timeously and will make yourself available for ratification to your portfolio where necessary.

You will be professional and courteous at all times when representing Model SA International or any other company contracted to Model SA International.

You will not badmouth the agency or your peers at a casting or on a set. You undertake to do all you can to present a united front in the public eye, and keep your personal opinions to yourself to avoid conflict.

Model SA International reserves the right to cancel this contract with immediate effect, should the above terms not be adhered to.