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Following the world pandemic, changes had to be made to align with our International affiliates and Partners. We deemed it necessary to approach knowledgeable and professional individuals to implement best practice throughout our company.

Our winning delegates enjoy cash prizes to assist with their venture in competing globally. Prizes up for grabs for the 2023 World Supermodel Crowning in Tasmania are:

The next World Supermodel will be Crowned on 6 April 2023 in Tasmania.

Visit World Supermodel Production website for an in-depth view of the successes achieved from our past winners. Click on the link : http://www.worldsupermodelpageant.com

Below is the Owner and Founder of Model SA International, Mr. Gert Mostert, official Swimwear sponsor at the Grand finale in Fiji Island.

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Mr. Gert Mostert, Owner and Founder of Model SA International (also known as the Modelling & Pageant Guru) made history when he hosted the first ever 3D Modelling and Pageantry Production with 360° Virtual Coverage. 34 International Models from around the Globe, represented their Countries during a spectacular International Fashion Show and the Grand Finale hosted in Bloemfontein, South Africa in March 2016.

Follow this link to view clips of the event

Gert Mostert became the first ever South African person to be appointed as Executive Producer for a World Model competition or a Supermodel Pageant. Further to this he also became the Regional Director for the entire African Region. The following images reflects the delegates being escorted by Harley Davidson, in their official sponsored bus followed by the official cocktail welcome by Gert Mostert, Owner of Model SA International, at Emoya Hotel and Spa


Don't let the stereo type of Supermodel put you off!!! We are scouting for delegates from all walks-of-life.

Based in Johannesburg - Central Gauteng, which is the heart of the financial hub and entertainment industry of South Africa. Model SA International is a well-established, creative and dynamic Performing Arts casting, Modelling and Pageantry Company. We specialize in placing quality performing artists for: Fashion shows, Editorials, Advertising catalogues, TV Commercials, Films, Music videos and Brochures.

Model SA International is the holding company for Miss Schengen World, Hollywood Modelling Academy South Africa, Miss TEEN Pristine and Miss Pristine World. This is to ensure regulated training guidelines with International Standards is adhered to at all times.

Our commitment and involvement with Charity began back in 1983. Our target marketing group includes well-established companies, newly formed businesses and individuals.

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Model SA International are very honoured and privileged to have the following Sponsors / Partners with us over the last couple decades.

Accommodation Sponsors

Beauty and Style

Other Sponsors

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Meet our Team

Gert Mostert
Founder & Owner
082 817 1718
Willlie Coetzee
Director Videographer
082 960 0440
Marinda Smith
Director Designs
072 083 5807
Bianca Bernie
Head Choreographer
083 785 6059
Peet Scholtz
Head Operations
084 568 9250
Jacque Diakides
082 443 4996
Lusia van Staden
Director Development
082 609 7669
Cuan Kemp
Director Make-up
071 879 6113
Johan Schultz
Technical Support
076 962 0787
Sylvia Mahlangu
082 447 7131
Sumari Pelser
079 315 0857
Reese Stephenson
066 229 4125

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Service Offerings

MCAT (Modelling Categorised Assessment Tool)

The M-CAT (Modelling Categorised Assessment Tool) Judging System was specially designed for the Modelling and Pageantry industry.

The system designed in South Africa by Gert Mostert. The MCAT Judging system was approved and endorsed by lawyers of the WBO (World Beauty Organization) Panama and the World Supermodel Production, Australia. Due to the credibility of the system it is positioned as the preferred measurement and assessment tool to ensure transparency, fairness and accuracy at the press of a button. For further details or demonstration of the system contact Gert on 082 817 1718 or gertm@model-sa.com.

Videography, Photography and Life Streaming

Model SA International are in partnership with TV Productions since 2012, the official Videographers for Full Throttle, Mighty Men, Bushveld Challenge and various other huge events. Latest being the Makuffa Festival in Bloemfontein. TV Productions revert to UHD with Gip's, HD Camera's, "Life streaming" and for Big Events they provide Sound and Lightning. For quotations mail info@tvproductions.co.za alt wsp@model-sa.com

We offer Exclusive Professional Portfolio's and Electronic Zee-cards to all members of the public and all registered members of Model SA International.

Platine Business Solution - Professional Consultants

World Supermodel Competition

History World Supermodel Pageant

Achievements : Danè Venter crowned "Best Swimwear Body in the World", Belindè Schreuder crowned "World Supermodel", Anronet Roelofsz placed "2nd runner-up Top Model of the World", placed "Top 10 Miss Intercontinental", Donique Leonard " Winner Africa" and "Top 5 Miss Intercontinental", Kayla Nel "Top 5 Miss Intercontinental", Loreal Margo "Top 15 Top Model of the World" and Nerine Scutte "Top 5 Teen World Supermodel".




Our Competitions

Download Entry Form - and - Register on-line

Are you South Africa / Africa’s next World Supermodel? Then this is your opportunity to enter the most prestigious Modelling competition in Africa !

All links below will be opened in a new window to view at leisure

4 Competitions in 4 Days ~ Sand Du Plessis Theatre

Introduction to Model SA International

Fast & Feminine Festival

5 Competitions in 1 Event

South Africa Host the World WSP

World Supermodel Production South Africa WSP

World Supermodel Competition WSP

Miss Intercontinental Competition WBO (World Beauty Organisation)

Top Model of the World WBO (World Beauty Organisation)


On-Line Registration

It is of utmost importance to ensure that you follow the correct registration instructions. When you upload your images you will need a profile image.
More importantly, after logging in with your own e-mail address and password,  proceed to upload the following images. All images must be high resolution.

  1. Headshot
  2. Swimwear
  3. Eveningwear
  4. Cocktail wear or Summers Dress

Our internal systems will verify all e-mail addresses and log-in details to scan for phishing and scammers. Should any of the this to be detected registration application will be rejected and removed. No images will reflect prior to management approval. No inappropriate and or irrelevant images will be uploaded. Lastly, images with advertising and or branding will not be approved.

No person or party will have access to any information as per our disclaimer and POPPI act. You will be the only person to have access to your details. Scouting agents and advertising companies won’t be able to extract your data unless both parties are paid-up members of Model SA International and agree mutually.

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WSP Contestant Criteria 2023

Do you possess unique physical beauty?
Is keeping fit and healthy a priority?
Are you motivated and driven to succeed and is your
ambition tempered by a desire to help others with honesty
and integrity whilst setting high standards as a World Supermodel?

Then this event is for you. However, to satisfy the entry criteria you must:

For World Supermodel

  • be a Citizen or Resident for 6 months of your country or region
  • hold a valid passport or be eligible to hold one
  • be 20 years old before the 1st of January in the year of contest
  • be 30 years old after the 31st of December in the year of contest
  • be 1.65 or taller for South Africa and Africa
  • marital status (married,divorced,widowed or single)
  • be a person who enjoys travelling
  • have good communication skills and enjoy talking to people
  • be able to demonstrate a high standard in public speaking
  • have a strong commitment in the pursuit of excellence
  • be a person of good character, possess charm, poise and personality and be fit and healthy
  • be a person who wants to be a Supermodel and has the potential to be developed into Supermodel
  • have a strong desire to represent your country or region
  • be an ambassador in South Africa, Africa as well as at in International events
  • must agree to all Rule, Terms and Conditions
For Pre-TEEN and TEEN World Supermodel
  • be a Citizen for 6 months of South Africa and or Africa
  • hold a valid passport or be eligible to hold one
  • be between the ages 9 to 12 years old before the 31st of December of the year of contest
  • be between the ages 13 to 15 years old before the 31st of December of the year of contest
  • be 16 to 19 years old before the 31st of December of the year of contest
  • be 19 years old after the 1st of January of the year of contest
  • be a person who enjoys travelling
  • have good communication skills and enjoy talking to people
  • be a person of good character, possess charm, poise and personality and be fit and healthy
  • be a person who has never been married or is not engaged to or be married; and
  • has never been through any ceremony either valid or invalid and whether civil, religious or tribal which is recognised as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world
  • must be willing to sign an agreement and have a strong desire to represent their/your country/region for 12 month period
  • be an ambassador in South Africa, Africa as well as at in International events
  • be a person who wants to be a Top-Class World Model
  • must agree with the terms and conditions

Click here for the Rulebook